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The Climate Response Fund gratefully acknowledges the following contributors to the Asilomar Conference on Climate Intervention Technologies:

Strategic Partners


  • The State of Victoria, Australia

Strategic Partners are organizational partners that are also major donors supporting the conference.


Major Donors


  • The Altman Family Foundation
  • The William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
  • Robert Klein/Danielle Guttman-Klein
  • The Franklin P. and Catherine Johnson Family Foundation
  • The Swig Foundation
  • The Qualcomm Matching Gift Program


Contributing Donors


  • Mr. John Freidenrich
  • Carin and Alan Trounson
  • The Ueberroth Family Foundation


Organizational Partners*


  • The Climate Institute
  • The Environmental Defense Fund
  • The Royal Society

* Several organizations, together with the Climate Response Fund, have heard the calls for research on climate intervention/geoengineering.  These organizations join with us in recognizing the need for risk assessment and management guidelines/norms for this research.  They have joined with us in supporting interdisciplinary international discussion of frameworks to assess and manage risk associated with climate intervention.